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Pratt Industries mission to provide the industry’s best packaging solutions begins with our three 100% recycled paper mills – the most innovative and modern containerboard system in North America.

It’s that commitment to lightweighting of containerboard which enables our customers to optimize their packaging. After all, why pay for packaging you don’t need?

It’s Pratt Industries’ clear vision of present and future packaging demands that allows the company to utilize world-best technology to manufacture advanced grade structures in lighter basis weights… and often in both liner and medium specifications that were unavailable until the company started its first 100% recycle mill in Conyers, Ga. more than 15 years ago.

With its sister facilities in New York City and Shreveport, La., it is part of a mill system unlike any other in North America, producing paper with both outstanding strength properties and print surface characteristics in the finished corrugated board.

In fact, Pratt’s newest mill, in Shreveport, manufactures the most versatile range of lightweight containerboard ever produced on this continent, thereby helping an increasing number of companies meet their sustainability goals without sacrificing their high-performance packaging requirements.

All three mills operate under strict environmental standards and together they save more than 50,000 trees every day by recycling waste paper taken from the streets into high-performance liners and mediums.

What’s more, every ton of paper they produce saves:

  • 3.3 Cubic Yards of Waste Diverted From Land Fill
  • 7000 Gallons of Water
  • 4000 KWH of Power
  • 1.00 Tons of CO2

Pratt’s Paper Division is continually driving the development of papermaking technology to ensure its products perform to the highest industry standards – while at the same time protecting the environment.